In this corner, Doubt

Here’s another drawing of "Doubt", personified as an annoying figure, a woman in ugly clothes who gibbers and gnaws the air from the corner of your writing room (or the room you write in), leaching hope out of your atmosphere. FIrst the pencil sketch…

… and then the finished inked version.

This drawing, like the first one, was inspired by Jeannine’s original comment on her blog ( and the responses of some of her commenters. I am not totally happy with it, mostly because I think it needs work in the face. I don’t really have a handle yet on what Doubt’s mug should look like, which is why I have been cheating it a bit (putting it in shadow, covering it up with long stringy hair). I think I need to do some conceptual sketching to try to work it out.

Jeannine and I had a discussion last week about what Doubt should look like, and I posited that perhaps she should be somewhat seductive — not sexually seductive, but seductive in that awful way that depression is… so terribly easy to drop into that pit, and so very hard to claw one’s way out again. — PL


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